Button Pushing Scenarios

pssst! remember you can click on the image to make it BIGGER so you can learn how to NOT push my buttons! xo!


jennifer lee said...

OMG, this was sooo funny. Especially the comment about dishes in the cupboard having gross stuff on them - that' wasn't directed at me now was that? heehee. Love ya! Oh yeah, and I hate when those damn socks fall down, too!

kim said...

Ooo, "when people communicate badly or cowardly about important things", that's a good one.

molly prentiss said...

one of the reasons i love you is because we hate the same stuff!! xoxox

kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

you are hysterical x

bee warbler said...

omg, adorbs kate! here are some of mine: WIND, i mean like really strong wind. it makes me so angry. also people who interrupt me a lot, or really bossy peeps, and the biggest: someone who is never wrong. oh and stinky towels in the bathroom!!

hint said...

haha too funny!

Always appreciate reading about your hearts so I left a blog award for you at Hint:)

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