WEEK 27: Who are your people?

We all have our circle, our tribe, our community. Those special people who remind us that we belong. Who are your peeps?

the Ones with the Golden Hearts

Pics of My Peeps


WEEK 26: What do you want your sister to know?

We're celebrating our half-way mark here at Kiss the Paper!

I hope you've enjoyed these first 26 weeks of peeking into the Prentiss sister's correspondence as much as I have. Looking forward to 26 more weeks of creativity, compassion and utter cuteness!

little sister, all these things you know...

my friends love her and i love her too


¡special post: birthday love for little sis!

(with ranunculus because they are your favorite!)


WEEK 25: What's blooming in your life?

brush + scrub

LOOK! my life is blooming!

LOOK! my life is blooming! (purple flowers growing out of a stack of books means I am learning!)

LOOK! my life is blooming! (little hearts growing out of a clay pot means I am falling in love!)

LOOK! my life is blooming! (succulents mean I am learning to be patient. little birds and pink wings mean I am busy and excited!)
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