WEEK 15: What's your secret to creativity?

For more inspiration and secrets to creativity, join the Next Chapter book club and read "The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" along with 100+ creative bloggers.

Creative Equations

scenario 1:

scenario 2:

scenario 3:

people say the most beautiful things...

The secret to creativity, for me, is awareness. Looking, listening, for something that triggers me. Oftentimes, the things that trigger my own expressions are the expressions of others, or something that another person says. Here are some things that have lit me up lately; little things that have made me want to MAKE THINGS.


WEEK 14: What do you hope for?

It's a new day! With Barack Obama's inauguration comes a renewed sense of hope and positive change. We at Kiss the Paper are celebrating this amazing and historic event. Cheers!!!

We'd love to hear from you... what do you hope for? What's the change you wish to see in the world?

a letter of hope to Barack Obama:

Hopeful Chicks


WEEK 12: What's your vision for the new year?

Happy New Year Kiss the Paper readers! Wishing you love, beauty and sisterly connection in 2009!

By the way: I just asked... Kate and Molly had no idea that the other was creating a "wearable vision," too! How cool is that ESP sister connection?!

a dress for the new year!

the forecast is fine for 2009!

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