WEEK 37: What is freedom?

Hope you KTP readers from the U.S. have a fabulous 4th of July holiday weekend! Here's to celebrating independence and freedom!

Freedom is...

Freedom is Going Somewhere


WEEK 36: What have you learned from your sister?

sister power!

& so many other things, like: make jokes as much as possible +
drawing awkwardly can actually be cool + you can be little but also be very BIG + life is just so much better when you know your sister will always have your back.

My Sister Teaches Pretty Things


WEEK 35: What have you learned from your dad?

These things my dad shows me...

BE BOLD. (Not least with your lines + colors.)

The power of a QUIET CONFIDENCE.

You can DO ANYTHING you set your mind to.


Why TALK about it when you can DO IT.

When you see the world through a creative lens,
life will never be ordinary.

The above paintings were done by our dad, Charles Prentiss.
YOU ROCK DAD. Happy Father's Day!

For Ever Ever Ever


WEEK 34: What's the recipe for a sister's love?

Let's see what the Kiss the Paper sisters cook up this week! Bon appetit!

always LOVE.

Southern Sister Snacks


WEEK 33: What tattoo would you get and where?

This one because...

i wear my awkward heart on my sleeve.

it would match my sisters.

if i belonged to a club it would be blue bottle.

my freckles could make a thousand constellations.

(Inspired by Assignment 9 from Learning to Love You More by Harrell Fletcher + Miranda July. And special thanks to Hannah: constellation finder, freckle connecter + photographer.)

Tattooing Each Other

This quote is from an Octavio Paz essay. The entire quote reads:
It is useless: sufficient you could comprehend this dinosaur heart.
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