WEEK 52: How would you describe your Kiss the Paper journey?

Bon anniversaire!

We have reached the end of our year-long weekly posts... what an amazing experience!

But this is not good bye, the sisters are planning to post future creations here at Kiss the Paper.
The next collaboration is a video project which we will post when it's ready for viewing... so check back in and say hello!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the KTP journey with us.
Kisses from KTP!

Finding Spots For Rainbows

Thanks to Carmen for (again) taking some fantastic photos for KTP.


WEEK 51: What has been your favorite part about Kiss the Paper?

We can't believe it, but soon Kiss the Paper will be coming to a close. The KTP sisters share their favorite part of this 52-week project of sisterly creative correspondence.

Seeing Things

This collaboration with my sister has been an amazing experience.
I am so often struck by the similarities in our posts even though we don't speak about them before they go up. Equally, I am utterly amazed by the ways she sees things and constantly in awe of her boundless creativity.

The thing I love most about KTP is doing it with my sister.

Growing So Much

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