WEEK 18: If you and your sister starred in a movie, what movie would it be?

The Ultimate Oscar Showdown: SEXY vs. CUTE

Molls: In case you were wondering, I am actually not comparing you to Scarlett Johansson, she is a dork, though ridiculously beautiful like you. But I did think this photo of you was reminiscent of this movie, where best friends go traveling and have lovers in Spanish speaking countries and make beautiful art and have passionate lives. That is why you are 'the blonde' in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Groovy Movies


WEEK 17: What is love?

Happy Valentine's Day Kiss the Paper readers!

xoxo - the Kiss the Paper team

the Love Bomber

i love bombed 14 of my friend's homes today.

love is all the little things. making an effort. making something for someone. telling them you care. holding hands. being there. love is big things like supporting each other. making someone laugh. love is listening. love is making it through hard times. love is forgiving.

love is when you leave an anonymous heart shaped rock on your friend's door and they call you up and tell you how much they love you and you say: 'But how did you know it was me?' and they say: 'Do you think just anyone does these beautiful, creative things?'

*the only LOVE of mine who caught me in the act of leaving anonymous p.d.a. on their doorstep was A, who upon spotting me, opened the door and exclaimed "Oh my god, it's the love bomber!!'
Perfect post title, no?

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