people say the most beautiful things...

The secret to creativity, for me, is awareness. Looking, listening, for something that triggers me. Oftentimes, the things that trigger my own expressions are the expressions of others, or something that another person says. Here are some things that have lit me up lately; little things that have made me want to MAKE THINGS.


kate prentiss said...

this is getting freaky!

your first quote: art is like an equation.

and i after many renamings of my post chose creative equations.

this is creeping me out!
(in a good way)

gosh, i love you!

jennifer lee said...

Very cool, Molly! And wow, yes, it's getting eerie with the esp (in a totally good way, I agree!)!!!

Carmen Winant said...
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Carmen Winant said...

WTF you blow me away.

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