together we let go

**this is a Molly + Kate joint sister post


jennifer lee said...

Brilliant, ladies. Simply brilliant! How lovely that you experienced this together. Seems like it was a cool ritual to share (and to share with others on the commune, I assume!). May your spirits be lighter with the release of what you need to let go of and may it make room for more wonderful things to manifest!

Sunny said...

I wonder where the ballons landed and what people think of what was written. It would be neat if someone found them and responded.

kate prentiss said...

Oh, that would have been such a great idea... if we put kissthepaper.com on the back of all the tags. Yes we too were wondering what would happen to them (and kind of feeling bad that we might be littering).

lizzy-loo said...

wonderful idea. if we could all let go of the things that bog us down and keep us from being free what a life it would be

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